Happy earth, happy me. :)

24 Jan

Title: Earth-happy Snack Baggies

Medium:  Sewing

For one of my first sewing projects, I thought I would try these cute little snack baggies.  I don’t have a lot of adorable fabric (yet), but I had some scraps left over from Christmas crafting.  I made two sandwich-sized snack bags, one with a Charlie Brown holiday print, and one with a funky brown print.  These were super easy to make, though on BOTH of them I very nearly sewed them up with the wrong side facing out.  😛  However, I saw my mistake in the nick of time, and these baggies turned out great.  I am excited to stuff them with tasty snacks for school and work.  And, these baggies are a good excuse to shop for pretty fabric remnants!  🙂


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