It’s Chai Time I Had Some Chai!

2 Feb

Title:  It’s Chai Time I Had Some Chai

Medium:  Paint (Windows 7 Application)

OMG.  I apologize for that terrible, terrible play on words.  🙂  Today was a major snow day.  Everything is shut down.  I wanted to drink something hot, so I made my own version of chai, with coconut milk and extra spices.  Instead of taking a picture, I decided to doodle it.  It was tastylicious, especially since I drank it while in comfy clothes, under a blanket, in my nice big chair, reading “The Lord of the Rings.”  Perfect snow day.


One Response to “It’s Chai Time I Had Some Chai!”

  1. Mim February 10, 2011 at 1:31 am #

    I like this and I think I’m going to get a cup of Chai now. I think it’s wonderful that you’ve found this way to stay connected to joy. I worked in the same field, as you, for many years, and wish I’d had an outlet like this. Keep up with the fun.

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