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April 18, 2011 – June 1, 2011

1 Jun

Title:  Postage Stamp Series 3

Medium:  Paint (Windows 7 Application)

Guess what?  I graduated!  Here is what may be the last postage stamp collage, at least for awhile.  Now that my schedule is much more open, I am hoping to do more daily crafts with actual stuff (paper, dirt, my hands, etc.) as a break from all of the digital art that got me through the semester.  Happy day, all!  🙂






Go Wild!

27 Jan

Title:  Wild Self

Medium: Digital Art

Call me a total geek, but this is just cool.  I know it’s geared for kids, but who cares?  The New York Zoos and Aquarium’s “Build Your Wild Self” site is really fun to use.  The backgrounds have animation and sound effects, and the graphics are pretty cool.  It’s a good starting place for getting kids interested in wildlife and the environment.  And who hasn’t always dreamed of having a chameleon tail or butterfly wings?  C’mon, now.  You know you wanna…   🙂

Mouse and Tiger

15 Jan

Title:  Mouse and Tiger

Medium:  Oil pastel and pencil on plain sketch paper

I have been reading “Not Always So” by Shunryu Suzuki, and came across the line that you can see written in small print around the mouse’s tail.  “A tiger catches a mouse with his whole strength.”  In other words, the tiger makes no judgment about how much of himself to employ in the catching of the mouse.  He is a tiger, wholly and completely, and catches the tiny mouse with the same tigerness with which he catches a water buffalo.  Shunryu Suzuki’s message is the significance of being wholly oneself, without making judgments and measuring how much of one’s self to give.