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2-week Challenge Check-in

18 Aug

Sambie here, to check in after week two of the NF 6-week challenge.  One of the main components of my challenge is the player-v-player competition between me and my new online pal WesB from Georgia.  Don’t know him from Adam, but man, we’re challenging each other by laying down some great bodyweight workouts!  We are counting total reps over all, and at the end of 6wks whichever one of us has clocked the most reps wins a NF t-shirt, courtesy of the other.  Note: we are tallying all reps, so doing 15 dumbbell rows each arm means 30 reps total for that circuit, and each second of plank holds counts as a rep.

Today’s PvP Challenge Workout:

Date: 18 Aug 2012
Warm-up: burpees, high-knees
Cool-down: Um. Dancing to Thriller. Shut up.

Squats: 90 (30 + 30 +30)
Pushups: 39 (13 + 13 + 13)
Lunges: 90 (30 + 30 + 30)
Rows: 78 (26 + 26 + 26)
Plank: 44s + 49s + 55s
Jacks: 160 (50 + 50 + 60)
Between circuits: 60 second brisk walk around yard

Today’s Reps: 605
Total Reps So Far: 3001

Just tried to maintain most of my reps today. I went up to 20lbs for the rows, and it was really hard to get 13 reps each arm each circuit without sacrificing form. I didn’t push it. That last plank and last set of jacks brought to you by the song “Thriller” and the letters W, T, and F.

Mini-Challenge Workout

As NF Rebel forces have taken the castle Arcadea, we now are faced with the task of clearing enemy munitions and battle debris out of the many halls and rooms.  We also have to bring in our own munitions, our supplies, and our wounded for shelter; we’re gonna be here for awhile.  In other words, move and carry stuff!

For this mini-challenge, today I tacked on the following after the PvP bodyweight circuits above:

4x 40 meters farmer’s carry with 20# each hand
2x 40 meters tire flips (the first quarter of that, my tire was filled with rainwater AND I was going uphill)

Challenge completed!  Reward: 1XP (+1 STR)

Needless to say, my arms are Jell-o!