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Ed goes steampunk.

19 Jan

Title:  Steampunk Ed the Blob

Medium:  Crayola crayon on plain sketch paper

Today was the first full day of classes, and I confess I was scrambling to get something down on paper in between class sessions.  Yes, I broke out the crayons and the sketchbook in the middle of a student lounge.  I had been thinking for a while of having Ed go steampunk, and so I thought I’d have a go at that today.  While this is not exactly the vision I had in mind, it’s a start.  I think Ed may make regular appearances on the Frabjous Daily.  🙂

P.s.  Today is also my birthday.  Yay, me!  🙂



14 Jan

Title: Hands

Medium:  Crayola crayons on plain white sketch paper

This is literally a random doodle.  It was evening time, I was tired, but I still wanted to make sure I got my creative act in for the day.  I had a Harry Potter audiobook on my little radio, and I just started tracing my hands with different crayons.  I really love all the colors.  🙂

Safari, anyone?

8 Jan

Title: It’s a jungle out there

Medium: Crayola crayons on plain white paper

This little monkey popped into my head while I was staring at my box of crayons.  I drew the monkey first, then decided he must be hanging from something.  The landscape went in last.  I was toying with different ways to create depth and distance.  The detail in the rocks in the foreground helps with that.  I especially like the gnarly forest on the far side of the river.  Crazy jungle stuff happens in there, I bet.

I wanna be an astronaut.

7 Jan

Title:  To the Moon

Medium:  Crayola Crayons on plain white paper

To get my creative juices flowing (and overcome the fear of putting that first mark on a perfectly clean piece of paper), I followed Crayola’s “How to Draw a Rocket” instructions on the cover of my sketchbook.  I then added the planets, the moon (which sports an inaccurate but pretty ring of purple ice chunks and space debris, as well as hitherto undiscovered little green aliens), and lastly, the black monolith from “2001: A Space Odyssey.”