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The Road to Mount Doom

28 Jul

Name: The Road to Mount Doom
Description: a .78mi hill next to my house; loose, crumbly gravel road and an incline with a 9% grade (300ft change in elevation). A lot of critters rustling about in the tall woods on either side, as well as hordes of goblins, err, horseflies.
Time: 00:29:55
Distance: 1.56mi (Started at the top, walked down to the bottom and back up)
Elevation change: 300ft
Terrain: Loose, dry gravel – almost harder to navigate going down than up, thanks to gravity wanting to pull my feet out from under me.
Achievement Unlocked:  Burning Calves of Amon Amarth – oh, the fiery pain!
Post: Basic stretching

At the top, looking down…

And going up, up, up.