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OmNom: Crazy Superfoods Oatmeal

29 Jul

I’m working toward a nearly-paleo diet, but so far the one grain I am still unwilling to give up is my morning bowl of oatmeal.  I’ve had oatmeal almost every morning since I first started Bob’s Rules on June 30th, and it is working really well for me.  I get a hefty dose of carbs and fiber with the oats and calcium with the milk, then I focus on protein, veg, fruits, nuts/seeds for the rest of the day.  This morning it was just one of those days, the kind where you wake up and you know you need to do something crazy in the kitchen to snap yourself out of whatever you woke up in.  My usual oatmeal is just plain oats, 1%milk, and plain frozen berries…nothing else.  Today though I got to thinking about a fellow Rebel’s post on NF, re: add-ins for oats, and I decided to change it up.

“Mama Said There’ll Be Days Like This” Crazy Superfood Oatmeal: in a large microwave safe bowl, mix 1/2 cup old-fashioned oats and 1 cup milk or water (make sure your bowl is big enough to handle the boil-up effect).  Microwave until oats are cooked and at desired thickness (4mins 30secs in my micro).  Stir in: 1 tsp flaxmeal, 1tsp cacao powder, 1/4 cup frozen plain mixed berries, and 1/4 cup coconut milk. Stir until well-combined, making sure the cacao powder does not have any large lumps. Enjoy the heck out of your bowl of hearty superfoods goodness.  🙂