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Penguins and Cicadas

18 Jan

Title:  Families

Medium:  Origami

Today I made a mama and baby penguin, as well as a family of cicadas.  Both patterns were in one of my old origami books.  Though I have made penguins many a time, the cicadas were new for me.  I especially enjoyed making them with metallic papers.  🙂  Origami cicadas = fun and pretty.  Real cicadas = CREEPY.



9 Jan

Title: Purple Lotus Flower

Medium: Origami (plain origami paper)

My usual origami creations are simple animals and the ever-popular tiny hats (good for pet photography).  I am by no means skilled at origami.  However, a couple of months ago my interest in meditation prompted me to try to do an origami lotus flower.  I find these very difficult to make, as they require several layers of folds on top of one another, as well as some very careful turning-inside-out of paper petals.  My first attempt resulted in torn paper, but I still think it’s pretty.  Today’s attempt (my second) ended up much better, though still happily imperfect.  I think I would like to make lotus flowers in the colors that feel good to me in the moment.  Today is a very purple kind of afternoon.