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April 18, 2011 – June 1, 2011

1 Jun

Title:  Postage Stamp Series 3

Medium:  Paint (Windows 7 Application)

Guess what?  I graduated!  Here is what may be the last postage stamp collage, at least for awhile.  Now that my schedule is much more open, I am hoping to do more daily crafts with actual stuff (paper, dirt, my hands, etc.) as a break from all of the digital art that got me through the semester.  Happy day, all!  🙂






March 20 – April 16, 2011

17 Apr

Title:  Postage Stamp Series 2

Medium:  Paint (Windows 7 Application)

Round two of the postage stamp series.  I really like having one of these docs set up, so that each day I can do a quick doodle while drinking a cup of tea or listening to the radio.  🙂

February 3rd – March 19, 2011

17 Apr

Title: Postage Stamp Series 1

Medium:  Paint (Windows 7 Application)

I bet you thought I’d quit the Frabjous project!  No sirree, Bob.  With grad school picking up, I do not have much time to post.  But, I have been doing these postage stamp doodles on a Paint document.  I can fit 40 doodles on a standard Paint document (unless I can figure out a way to change the canvas size), so I figured I’d just do one of these a day until life settles down.  And finally, today, after whittling away at my school to-do list, I have enough time to post the image!  🙂