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Sometimes a dog just needs to feel pretty.

25 Jan

Title:  Pup Bandanna

Medium:  Sewing

I saw this cute fabric at the store and had to buy some.  I decided that Gretta von Gretta-Joanne (yes, that’s her name) needed some sort of doodad to wear.  Since I am still a beginner seamstress, I figured a simple bandanna was the best bet.  I cut a large square of fabric, folded and pressed the edges, and did a simple hem all the way around.  It turned out really cute!  I think I may continue to practice my sewing skills by making a collection of bandannas for the Gretta.  I think she needs one for every mood and season, don’t you?  🙂


Happy earth, happy me. :)

24 Jan

Title: Earth-happy Snack Baggies

Medium:  Sewing

For one of my first sewing projects, I thought I would try these cute little snack baggies.  I don’t have a lot of adorable fabric (yet), but I had some scraps left over from Christmas crafting.  I made two sandwich-sized snack bags, one with a Charlie Brown holiday print, and one with a funky brown print.  These were super easy to make, though on BOTH of them I very nearly sewed them up with the wrong side facing out.  😛  However, I saw my mistake in the nick of time, and these baggies turned out great.  I am excited to stuff them with tasty snacks for school and work.  And, these baggies are a good excuse to shop for pretty fabric remnants!  🙂

A sewing machine, ai haz one!

21 Jan

Title:  All By Myself

Medium:  Sewing

Today I got my birthday present!  A Bernina sewing machine.  Nothing fancy, but it is a good, basic machine for the kind of sewing I want to do.  So, today’s creative act is that I set up my machine myself (after reading the owner’s manual, of course) and then practiced several types of stitches on a pink scrap of fabric.  So excited!!  🙂

Oscar the Grouch hearts Twilight.

11 Jan

Title:  Twilight the Grouch Tote

Medium:  Fabric

Meet my new modded tote bag for school.  I started off just wanting to add some pockets.  Since I was little, I’ve always liked the combination of black with bright pink.  So, I decided to use some bright pink fine-wale corduroy fabric and thick black thread to sew in some basic pockets to hold pencils and such.  Originally the pockets were only going on the inside of the bag, but the inner pocket looked so cute I decided to add one to the outside too.  Then things got really crazy, because I remembered some funky buttons and patches I’d been accumulating since 2005.  Oscar the Grouch fit perfectly over the top of the “g” in “Twilight”, and it seemed appropriate for the hand in the Cullen family crest to hold a smiley face.  The two large buttons at the base of the handles say “One World” and “Hope.”  I thought they worked well on the bag because of their bright colors and because this bag is for my last semester of my Masters in Social Work program.  The ideas “one world” and “hope” are at the root of why I’m doing this in the first place.

This took me about 4 hours to do.  It’s all hand-sewn, and the stitches have that homespun look I love.  🙂